Become the grill master!

A barbecue almost always centres around meat, but it doesn’t have to. Try something new this summer: barbecuing with vegetables! Veggies in various colours make barbecuing even more fun! This year, why not try veggie skewers? No meat needed here!

The EasytoGrill packages make barbecuing with vegetables even easier - all the herbs and oils have been included already. The cherry tomatoes, padron peppers, sweet potato and sweet pointed peppers can go straight from the aluminium tray onto the grill! What could be easier?

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  • Packaging options:

Veggie skewers: contains 1 graffiti aubergine, 1 courgette, 1 red bell pepper, cumin, olive oil and 8 skewers (750 gr)

Cherry tomatoes: contains a cluster of cherry tomatoes, herbes de Provence, sea salt and olive oil (250 gr)

Padron peppers: contains padron peppers, 2 small bottles of olive oil and sea salt (200 gr)

Sweet potatoes: contains sweet potatoes, a bottle of olive oil and herbes de Provence (500 gr)

Sweet pointed pepper: contains 2 sweet pointed peppers and pepperoni oil (200 gr)

Stuffed Mediterranean pepper: contains 2 large red Mediterranean peppers, herbes de Provence and sea salt (600 gr)

All packages are available in German and English.