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Sous Fresh

The brand Chefs Inspirations of the company Sous Fresh is a full fruit and vegetable range of special and innovative produce. A unique assortment of vegetables and fruit which fulfil the ambition of Sous Fresh to open a world of inspiration for chefs and to make creating extraordinary dishes simple. To make it even easier for chefs, some of the products are already washed or cut. This semi-convenience assortment has been carefully selected, without compromising taste or freshness. For more information, have a look on the website of Sous Fresh.


The soft fruit of Valstar and other companies of the Best Fresh Group is all offered under the ICONS-brand: cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and redcurrants. The produce that go under the ICONS-brand have to meet certain qualifications to assure you only the best soft fruit is offered to you.


Aroma has been our brand for various greenhouse vegetables, providing a standard level of quality, for over 17 years. We only use produce of stringently selected growers who meet our high quality conditions. This applies to Dutch as well as Spanish produce.

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Discovered equals a wide assortment of high quality exotic fruits and vegetables. Carefully selected by experts and originating from all far corners of the world. Discovered feels responsible to let the consumers experience the unique taste and many uses of exotic fruits and vegetables. Take a look on the Discovered website for information, recipes and tips.


With the Easyto assortment, you put the most delicious (side)dishes on the table in a snap. Fast, easy ánd deliciously fresh. The packages of Easyto Cook help you to prepare meals easier and the Easyto Grill range offers you the ability to put grilled vegetables on the table within minutes. Almost all packages contain all ingredients to prepare the enclosed recipes. Have a look on the Easyto website for all available packages.