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Take it easy.

Easyto products make it super quick to create the most wonderful dishes, sides, snacks and beverages! Fast, easy and deliciously fresh. The EasytoGrill packages make barbecuing with vegetables even easier, and the EasytoCook packages let you get a great dish or dip ready in no time. You can make the most summery cocktails with an EasytoShake product and serve them with a healthy snack from the Snack line! The packages contain almost all the ingredients to prepare the provided recipe. It’s Easyto!


The tomato you didn’t know you needed.

Does this sound familiar? When you’re slicing a tomato, the chopping board is covered in juice and the slices fall apart. Or, you take a freshly made tomato sandwich to work or school in the morning and by lunchtime all you’re left with is soggy bread soaked in tomato juice.

But not with the Intense tomato! It’s perfect for slicing, retaining both its firm structure and its juice. This makes Intense tomatoes ideal for sandwiches, bruschetta, salads and pizzas. The easy way to add more freshness and flavour to your food!


Become the grill master!

A barbecue almost always centres around meat, but it doesn’t have to. Try something new this summer: barbecuing with vegetables! Veggies in various colours make barbecuing even more fun! This year, why not try veggie skewers? No meat needed here!

The EasytoGrill packages make barbecuing with vegetables even easier - all the herbs and oils have been included already. The cherry tomatoes, padron peppers, sweet potato and sweet pointed peppers can go straight from the aluminium tray onto the grill! What could be easier?


Time to cook!

EasytoCook packages let you put a delicious dish or dip on the table in no time. The package includes almost all the ingredients you need.


I’m here for the snacks.

It is late afternoon and you’re craving a snack. It’s so tempting to give in to something you might feel guilty about later. Well, there’s no need to feel guilty about enjoying a nice quick snack made from an Easyto product. Just remove the wrap, put the Easyto container on the table or empty the tomatoes into a serving bowl. Great with a dip or just as they are!


Shake it off!

EasytoShake packages make it really quick to mix your own cocktails! Cut up the fruit, add the wine or spirits, shake and enjoy your home-made cocktail.

Sous Fresh

The brand Chefs Inspirations of the company Sous Fresh is a full fruit and vegetable range of special and innovative produce. A unique assortment of vegetables and fruit which fulfil the ambition of Sous Fresh to open a world of inspiration for chefs and to make creating extraordinary dishes simple. To make it even easier for chefs, some of the products are already washed or cut. This semi-convenience assortment has been carefully selected, without compromising taste or freshness. For more information, have a look on the website of Sous Fresh.


Aroma has been our brand for various greenhouse vegetables, providing a standard level of quality, for over 17 years. We only use produce of stringently selected growers who meet our high quality conditions. This applies to Dutch as well as Spanish produce.

See below our assortment and the various packaging possibilities


Discovered equals a wide assortment of high quality exotic fruits and vegetables. Carefully selected by experts and originating from all far corners of the world. Discovered feels responsible to let the consumers experience the unique taste and many uses of exotic fruits and vegetables. Take a look on the Discovered website for information, recipes and tips.