Our goals

Packaging helps to improve our products’ shelf life, food safety, and appearance during transport. But we see too much and unnecessary packaging material as a “waste” as it damages the environment as well. For 2025, we have created several goals that will help us to achieve excellent results in this area. We also have made it our goal to package the product only one time during its life cycle. This goal is only feasible if we promote involvement and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Our Goals


This packaging is not just sustainable; it is uniquely constructed from a unique type of cardboard called Vibers. Vibers cardboard is made from elephant grass that is grown domestically in the Netherlands. Utilising elephant grass has a minimal impact on the environment: the grass absorbs four times as much CO2 as a forest of the same size. Also, it grows on uncultivated land that could not otherwise be used for food production; not to mention the grass does not require any chemical pesticides to thrive. Previously, we packaged our snack vegetables in a plastic tray. By changing to Vibers cardboard, we save about 2,350 kilograms of plastic per year.

Valstar Shopping Bag
Valstar Shopping Bag


Special packaging for a special product. The kumato not only has a unique taste, but it also has unique and sustainable packaging that is made entirely from FSC cardboard. The raw material for the bowl is sourced from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that we are helping to protect the habitat of plants and animals. It’s also easy to recycle!

Cherry tomato bowl (divino)

No more plastic used in this packaging. We make our new cherry tomato bowl from 100% certified FSC cardboard, with raw material originating from responsibly managed forests so you are helping to protect the habitat of plants and animals. You can easily throw this bowl away with your paper waste! And those tomatoes do look beautiful in that black bowl, don’t they?

Valstar Shopping Bag
Valstar Shopping Bag

Banderol pointed pepper

Instead of an oversized plastic bag, we now package our pointed peppers in a form-fitting wrap, saving a lot of plastic while also looking luxurious!