Who we are

Valstar is a specialist in greenhouse vegetables and in addition capable of supplying you the total range. By segmenting our specialised departments, we are able to give every customer the desired and necessary information and attention plus the high level of service as you can expect from us.

We enjoy being there for you: ask us any question you have. We are pleased to bring you fresh ideas: different, new and better!

Vitality in Vegetables tells you everything about Valstar: young and dynamic since 1928 and compliant in the changing world of healthy nutrition!

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Driven by consumer needs

The world of food is constantly evolving. This means our way of working requires new solutions and another approach. Consumers want to discover and enjoy their creativity. They want to know about the heritage of the food and its natural origin. All participants in the chain need to be sustainable for a better world.

We are in the centre of the supply chain from breeders to consumers, co-ordinating & co-operating with all our partners from seed to shelf. Delivering daily fresh, environmentally friendly, locally grown & packed vegetables.

We support YOU!

It all starts with INSPIRATION

We create new concepts in co-operation with our customers and suppliers. Together we find solutions based on consumer trends, product knowledge, effective distribution and smart communication.

Dedicated specialists for bright ideas and tailor made solutions work in our widely experienced as well as young dynamic teams.

We discover and develop for YOU!

Valstar Shopping Bag

Can we grow together?

To provide a better service to our customers we have divided our organisation into four teams of Retail, Overseas, Salads Direct and Trade. Competitive prices, the highest quality certificates, 24/7 service, logistical optimisation and smart ICT systems are standard.

We respect our professional, strong and innovative supply chain partners all over Europe and beyond. Valstar has international offices to guarantee year-round supply of the best vegetables. The desire for local production drives Valstar abroad.

It brings us even closer to YOU!

People Matter

We believe in our people and values: Clear, Open and Honest.

We are a third generation family-owned company. Relations are based on long term partnerships with mutual benefits. Our skills were honed through lifelong learning and modern education.

This is why our name has evolved into a strong brand, worldwide.

We would like to meet YOU!