Our Brand: Intense

The tomato you didn’t know you needed.

Does this sound familiar? When you’re slicing a tomato, the chopping board is covered in juice and the slices fall apart. Or, you take a freshly made tomato sandwich to work or school in the morning and by lunchtime all you’re left with is soggy bread soaked in tomato juice.

But not with the Intense tomato! It’s perfect for slicing, retaining both its firm structure and its juice. This makes Intense tomatoes ideal for sandwiches, bruschetta, salads and pizzas. The easy way to add more freshness and flavour to your food!

Why Intense?

Research shows that for the majority of consumers, Intense occupies a unique position. No other tomato combines these qualities quite so convincingly as Intense. In particular, this tomato is rated highly for its firm flesh and excellent slicing properties.

We supply Intense in a retail packaging 10x500G, in a box to your wishes. It could be carton, EPS or IFCO. By developing this new packaging, we reduced plastic by 67%. The packaging has a transparent window made from PLA to protect the tomatoes and clearly show what is inside the box. PLA is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable raw materials. The back of the packaging contains the following information about waste separation. “Environmentally friendly disposal: Please separate the cardboard packaging from the plastic film and place both items in the appropriate recycling bin.”

Intense® is a registered trademark under license.

Packaging options:

500G, 2KG, 3KG, 4KG or 6KG