These are the 2021 trends!

The food trends in 2021

After the “special” year we experienced in 2020, many of us have come to realise the importance of healthy food for our bodies. Our immune system, functioning as a defence system, faces struggles with the coronavirus. It’s therefore no surprise that we want to strengthen our immune systems with the right foods. More and more, we prefer products that are naturally nutritious. Hello fruits and vegetables!

In addition to our own health, we are also increasingly recognising the impact of our lifestyle on the planet. That is why, in the coming years, we will mainly buy
food from companies that are fully transparent about their products and processes. Where does their food come from? How is it produced? What are the
exact ingredients it contains? What is the environmental footprint? These are all questions that have become frequently raised by consumers.

These examples show that health and sustainability will remain important themes for the year ahead. We can also see this reflected in the number of products
offered on the market: natural, organic, protein-rich and antibiotic-free products are gaining an increased market share.

Here are some practical trends you can get started with right away:

1: Fermented Foods

This is not a new trend, but we are all moving toward fermenting en masse. By fermenting vegetables, you not only extend the shelf life of the product, but you also limit waste and add unique flavours to food. Kimchi, for example, is very popular! Kimchi has strong antibacterial qualities and offers a true boost for your immune system due to the garlic and ginger it contains as well as the healthy dose of natural probiotics released during its fermentation process. It is also very tasty!

2: Plant-Based Diet

This trend has also existed for a while, but many of us still choose to eat more plant-based foods and limit meat in our diets. How about a mushroom, beet or sweet potato burger?

3: Seasonal & Local Options

Due to the pandemic, we are looking for food that is grown closer to home. By purchasing more local vegetables, you are automatically buying seasonal products! As a bonus, these products have a better quality, availability, shelf life and price!

4: Upcycling food

From broccoli stumps in our soup to shoes made of fruit leather (Fruit Leather) , what haven’t we seen proposed as a solution to food waste? This year we expect to see even more of these unique products being introduced as food waste remains a major problem in the world. Despite these great new inventions, most waste is still related to the consumer: what are you doing to limit food waste?

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