BroccoCress®: Tasty and healthy!

Building resistance is important to prevent infection of a virus. Fruits and vegetables can help build a resistance. Vitamin C helps your immune system, so make sure that red peppers, broccoli, kale, sprouts, kiwi and orange are on the menu during these corona-virus weeks. Real vitamin C bombs!

So eating broccoli is important for your vitamin C. But have you ever heard of the BroccoCress? This tiny vegetable is a real superfood. It contains much minerals and vitamins, including sulforaphane. This is a substance that activates enzymes and antioxidants in immune cells. Two BroccoCress sprouts contain as much of sulforaphane as 100g broccoli!


Broccocress has a mild raw broccoli taste and a little radish-like. It tastes wonderfully on cheese: makes your sandwich extra tasty! It is also good for decoration of all kinds of dishes, a perfect finish for soups and sauces and a very good product to add to a diet.


BroccoCress is all year available and can easily be stored up to seven days. Availabe in 8x 1 piece of approximately 14-18G. Origin: Netherlands.


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