70th edition of Valstar Wielerspektakel

Yesterday was the 70th edition of the Valstar Wielerspektakel, a local cycling racing event which takes place every year. With temperatures up to 30 degrees it was a very hot day, but the runners made the best out of it! Like every year, the program existed of various components: the novices, the juniors/amateurs/sportclass, the Rabo Race, Region runners A & B Category, and the fullprofs.

We also joined with two teams for the region runners. We achieved a second and twenty first place with this race. The winners of the profs were Dylan van Baarle en Jason van Dalen. For Van Baarle it is the 3th time he wins this cycling round in Naaldwijk.

At the time the profs ended their races, there was subsequently a party with different artists.