Launching the third video of “Valstar: the Sustainable Series”!

The third video of "the Sustainable Series" has been delayed due to corona prevention measures in place during recent months, but it’s finally here! The video features René Kalter, cucumber grower, and Norman van Domburg, Sourcing Manager at Valstar, discussing sustainable cultivation in Dutch greenhouses.

Sustainable cultivation and efficient use of raw materials is of utmost importance and is nowadays becoming a necessity. In “high-tech greenhouses,” as we know them in the Netherlands, cultivators optimise water and energy consumption, implement biological controls and produce as much as possible per square meter. In the video, René Kalter describes one of his sustainable initiatives: he extracts hot water from the ground via a geothermal heat pump to heat his greenhouse. Hardly any water is wasted in such a circular water system. Moreover, his greenhouse Voorhof is not only certified with the “On The Way To PlanetProof” quality mark but also aims to freely grow natural gas in the near future!

We are very proud of our sustainably grown Dutch cucumbers and strive to share this pride with others. It can be easy to forget that there is a whole story behind those green guys on the vegetable shelves in the store, but we can assure you that our growers work passionately and lovingly on their products all year round so that consumers can enjoy deliciously fresh cucumber in their salads every day. It’s always good to keep this in mind!

 And stay tuned, because the entire conversation between Norman and René can soon be heard in our podcast on Spotify in Dutch!


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