Geothermal Energy

Did you know that our greenhouse in IJsselmuiden is completely heated by geothermal energy?  This results in 70-90% less natural gas consumption. Voorhof grows cucumbers that are certified with the On the Way to PlanetProof quality mark.  Last summer, René Kalter (Business Manager of Voorhof) and Norman van Domburg (Sourcing Manager at Valstar) are interviewed in the RTL-Z program "Doe maar Duurzaam!". As part of the Best Fresh Group, we celebrate Sustainable September by paying extra attention to our sustainability goals. Sustainable growing is therefore an important point of attention

Geothermal energy is a form of renewable energy. Within the earth's core, there is an enormous amount of heat that can be used, for example to heat Voorhof's greenhouse. Geothermal energy is extracted and stored in the Koekoekspolder geothermal cluster.

In addition, our On the way to PlanetProof" cucumber grower does even more sustainability. The polycarbonate glass and double screens save 40% heat in the greenhouse. Moreover, electricity is obtained through solar panels on the roof. In addition, a circular water system has been installed, through which rainwater and water returning from the greenhouse is collected, filtered, and reused. The cucumbers don't get any greener!    


Want to learn more about using geothermal heat in our cucumber greenhouse? Check out the video below!