Wind turbines

The wind turbines which have been installed in spring 2017, have been developed specifically for use in residential areas and on top of buildings. The small turbines create the possibility to generate win energy in urban areas. Hence the name: urban wind turbines. These turbines are resistant to wind gusts and turbulence and have a power of 300W each. Placing these machines is a pilot and will have to show if it is possible to roll out the programme on a large scale.

Solar panels

Before this, 16,000 solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the business area to generate solar energy. With this, ABC Westland tries to reduce the carbon footprint of fruit and vegetables. Now, over 50 fruit and vegetable-related companies at the business area use the solar energy generated by the panels. With these solar panels, the ABC Westland Agri & Food business area is the biggest manufacturer of solar energy in the entire province of Zuid-Holland.

Most sustainable business area in the Netherlands

With these developments, the building of Valstar is part of the most sustainable business area in the Netherlands. For years we have been looking for ways to increase our sustainability through the use of buildings with a high insulation value and the use of led lights. Also, the residual heat from the outside air and our cooling equipment is used for heating the offices.