World cucumber day!

Today is world cucumber day. Cucumbers are actually very interesting. Did you know cucumbers are made up of 95% water? Despite that, they are full of vitamins and very good to soothe sunburn.

Because of world cucumber day we want to highlight our own cucumber grower. In Ijsselmuiden, where this grower is located, they grow cucumbers in a very sustainable way. The grower uses geothermal energy, this means the greenhouse is heated in a sustainable way. By using geothermal heat, 89% of natural gas is saved and the CO2 emission is also significantly reduced. Besides, the roof has 794 solar panels to generate electricity for the sorting machines and powering the pumps. To keep the warmth inside, the whole greenhouse has double windows.

On top of that the plants grow on green co2. What? Yes, green co2. This co2 is liquid and is used to stimulate the grow of the cucumbers plants. 2.500 ton of liquid co2 is enough to compensate the emission of 13.000 car mileage! So these cucumbers are very sustainable, aren’t they?

Curious? We have them available in all different sizes: 300-350, 400-450, 450-500 and 500-600.