Valstar: The Sustainable Series

Sustainable Series

In recent weeks, we have worked very hard to produce our own Valstar video series. We will be uploading a new video every month, featuring one of our employees discussing trending topics in sustainability with a specialist from the field. Upcoming topics include food waste, sustainable packaging, and much more.

Sustainability is a very important theme for Valstar. We are proud that we can inspire consumers every day to make healthy and eco-friendly choices by providing a wide range of fruit and vegetables. We are working hard to constantly improve not only our products but also the packaging they come in, the emissions we produce, and the "waste" we put into the world. In this way, we strive to positively contribute to people and the environment.

But how do specialists actually view these subjects? And what can we learn from them? By uploading these videos, we hope to give everyone a better picture of what sustainability looks like in the fruit and vegetable sector. Let's work together to create more innovative and sustainable solutions!

We kick-off the series with a discussion between the Managing Director and CEO of Best Fresh. They discuss what sustainability looks like at Valstar, the future of food, and positive employment practices!


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