The start of the Sustainable Week!

Sustainability is becoming more important for everybody. That is why five enthusiastic employees from Valstar and Best Fresh are organising a Sustainable Week from 7 to 13 September, that starts today! During this week we will show what is already happening in terms of sustainability within the company, which topics are still under development and in which ways we can contribute to a more sustainable world ourselves. Curious about the programme?  

Tuesday | Zero Waste Tuesday 

Today is Sustainable Tuesday and the start of the National Zero Waste Week. Therefore, the first theme of the week is: reducing food waste. In our operations, we are working daily to reduce waste. Being aware of what we throw away is also something that concerns our employees. That is why, today, every employee receives a set of handy tools (an eating buddy and stickers) and a reusable Best Fresh fresh bag as a gift to throw away less at home. 


Wednesday | Sustainable transport & Bicycle day 

On this second day, we ask everybody to come on the bike to work to become aware of Sustainable Transport. As a trading and logistics company, transporting fruit and vegetables from A to B is the order of the day. By bundling trips and loading trucks as full as possible, we reduce our transport kilometres.  

For products that come from far away, it is sometimes difficult to transport products with as little impact as possible due to loss of quality and shelf life. Nevertheless, we are constantly looking for improvements and investigating the possibilities to switch to sea freight or to produce our products closer to home. Today, we pay extra attention to this. 


Thursday | Circular & Clean-up 

Within Best Fresh we are busy innovating our packaging. We strive for 100% recyclable packaging, so that the used materials get a new destination. However, not all packaging is recycled at the moment and therefore ends up in nature. To face this, we are organising a Clean-up Challenge on this day with our employees. With the help of Patijnenburg, Supporter of Clean and ABC Westland, our employees will set to work to make the terrain litter-free. Who will clean up the most litter? More later... 

Heartwarming soup 

As a company we also like to do something for charity with our Best Fresh Foundation. In the run-up to this Sustainable Week our employees and other interested parties could buy a heart-warming soup package. Herewith they support Hospice Beukenrode and we stimulate the circularity of our products. 


Friday | Future Food Friday 

Future Food Friday is all about the diet of the future. Our ultimate goal is to offer consumers the healthiest, most surprising and most attractive choice of fruit and vegetables. And it's not just the consumer who benefits from a varied, healthy and plant-based diet, the planet also benefits from it. That is why today we are introducing our employees to the surprising flavours of a vegetable dish. There are so many possibilities! 


Monday | Good employment practices

It is already the last day of Sustainable Week. Nobody's perfect! That is why, on this day, we pay attention to various topics that contribute to being a good employer.  

Compliments cards 

The bond with your colleagues influences the atmosphere in the workplace. But how often do we tell our colleagues that they are doing something right? As far as we are concerned, it cannot be done often enough! On this day employees can send compliment cards and put their colleagues in the spotlight.