The first Dutch cucumbers

It’s time!

Yesterday morning we harvested our first Dutch cucumbers of the season. This means that – from today – our first traditionally cultivated cucumbers are again available. We can complete our daily shipments directly from the grower, resulting in the shortest possible supply chain. This is as fresh as it gets!

This year John van Lieshout will be responsible for purchasing cucumbers within Valstar. John noted, “I’m really looking forward to the new Dutch season. Having seen the first production of these good quality cucumbers, I am eager to see what comes next ”.

The cucumbers are available in various sizes and packaging. Customers can choose a standard box but can also opt for more sustainable resealable packaging. The cucumbers can be delivered either individually sealed or unwrapped.

Our high thread cucumbers will also be available in the coming weeks. These are grown entirely using geothermal and solar energy: 100% “On the way to PlanetProof”.


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