The first cucumbers from the new greenhouse!

Yesterday morning we harvested our first Dutch sustainable cucumbers of the season. Three weeks ago the traditionally cultivated cucumbers were already available. However, from today our sustainable and high wire cultivated cucumbers are again available.

The past months we have been working hard to build a new greenhouse at our grower in IJsselmuiden. The area in IJsselmuiden will be doubled with this greenhouse. In addition, this new greenhouse uses the high wire growing method, this results in more uniform cucumbers and constant quality. Furthermore, the warehouse has a new sorting machine that sorts on weight, length, colour and crookedness. This way, we can meet customer requirements perfectly!

In IJsselmuiden everyone takes sustainability very seriously—all are committed to growing green cucumbers! The greenhouse is fully heated by geothermal energy, which results in a 70-90% reduction in natural gas consumption! The large blue silo next to the greenhouse where the geothermal energy is stored is not only for private use. Other growers in the horticultural area Koekoekspolder also make use from this.

And there is more than the geothermal heat pump:

 •  Polycarbonate glass and double screens save 40% heat in the greenhouse.

 •  The electricity is generated via the solar panels on the roof.

 •  To waste as little water as possible, designers implemented a closed-loop water system in the greenhouse, meaning water not absorbed by the plants is collected by the system and re-used for other tasks. The filtration system also ensures that no polluted water ends up in local groundwater.

 • The grower already uses 98% biological pesticides.

 • All CO2 for the nutrition of the plant is green.

 • Certified for the “On the way to PlanetProof” quality mark.

These cucumbers don't get any greener!


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