Qwix: The healthy snack concept

The European market of healthy snacking is increasing. The growing need to have a healthy on-the-go snack which has nutritional value is expected to stir up the market growth. Consumers want this kind of snack because of higher energy throughout the day. The United Kingdom has most focus on convenience in combination with health benefits, while Germany is the largest market for organic and natural snacks. The European sales of snack products reached €12.8 billion in 2018, growing 6% from the previous year. Part of the strong snack market can be explained by the growing interest on on-the-go healthy snacks. Some of the most popular healthy snacks include vegetables, nuts, whole grains and seeds among others. Now there is the Qwix, which responds to this trend!

This midi cucumber with a little dip is the perfect healthy snack. Cucumbers are low in calories, but also maintain different kinds of vitamins and minerals. They can help relieve dehydration and are perfect for the summer because of the refreshing taste. The dip sauce gives some extra flavour!

The Qwix concept includes three variants: Natural (no sauce), sweet chili and honey mustard. Packed per piece in a recyclable foil. The midi cucumbers come in a box with 15 pieces. You can tear open the box and place it on a counter. It can stimulate healthy impulse purchases instead of candy and chocolate bars. Ideal for catering spots, at the cash desk or gas stations.

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