National Vital week at Best Fresh!

Every year, in the last week of September, there is the so called “Nationale vitaliteitsweek” in the Netherlands. During the event attention is paid to vitality and happiness at work. Since 2015 this event returns every year and people can get information, inspiration and knowledge about vitality/health and work happiness. This year Best Fresh also joins this event and so does Valstar!

During the week every working day a activity is organised based on health, vitality and relaxation. Everybody at Best Fresh can join these activities. Yesterday, the Food & Fit team handed out a power juice made of orange juice, carrot and ginger. On Tuesday everybody who come along with the bike  receive some blue berries. Every Wednesday there is a walk during lunch, on Thursday a bootcamp is organised and Friday there is somebody present who can answer questions about your working posture. Besides these activities employees of Best Fresh can enjoy a healthy lunch at our canteen. Delicious soups, salads and breads are freshly prepared every day.