National Meat-Free Week

A box full of veggies!

This week (from March 11-17) is the National Meat-Free Week (Nationale Week Zonder Vlees) happening in the Netherlands. Of course we are not going to let this pass us by. Although everyday is a vegetable day at Valstar, this week we make an even bigger effort. This week was initiated by Isabel Boerdam in 2017 to increase awareness on the environmental impact involved with meat consumption. Isabel is the founder of the Dutch vegetarian food blog De Hippe Vegetariër.

Every month our employees receive a box filled with vegetables and fruit to take home. TThis month the box is filled with a recipe booklet full of vegetarian inspiration and, of course, the necessary fruit and vegetables!

Cauliflower power!

And.... we are also doing a challenge to come up with a vegetarian recipe using cauliflower! The winner will win the book the Vegabijbel, sponsored by Isabel Boerdam herself!

We believe that eating meat every day is a thing of the past. Skipping meat for one or two days in the week can already make a huge impact! That’s why we want to encourage our employees to eat a little less meat. Good for the environment and your body!

Sustainability starts with you, every effort makes a difference. Are you joining the Meat-Free Week? Give it a try!