The tomato you didn’t know you needed

Does this sound familiar? When you’re slicing a tomato, the copping board is covered in juice and the slices fall apart. Or, you take a freshly made tomato sandwich to work or school in the morning and by lunchtime all you’re left with is soggy bread soaked in tomato juice.

But not with the Intense tomato! It’s perfect for slicing, retaining both its firm structure and its juice.


New packaging

Since a few years we market this tomato to the German market and it becomes more and more popular. That is why we choose to make a new packaging for this tomato. Another reason is sustainability that becomes more important. The packaging now is made out of 67% less plastic.

But what about the plastic window? Yep, indeed. The packaging still has a plastic window. One of the conclusions of the consumer research we did, was the fact that consumers find it necessary to see the product. Tomatoes are still products out of nature and we find it important to see how it looks, in contrast to other fast moving consumer goods. If we would use only carton, you wouldn’t see the tomatoes anymore or the tomatoes would fall out. However we made the plastic window still a little sustainable, it is made of PLA. It is a biobased and degradable plastic. It is made out of 100%  renewable sources and is a good alternative for regular plastic.


Look and feel

Besides the packaging, we also changed the look and feel. We wanted to emphasize the characteristics of the product. In the previous packaging we described the product as ideal for pizza, sandwich and salads. We now turned it around and describe that this tomato can be optimally processed by low juice loss.
Since last week you can find our new packaging for the Intense tomato in the stores of Rewe and Globus in Germany. Are you also interested in this tomato? Contact us for more information.