The seed breeder Nunhems, has been working on developing the Intense tomato for over 10 years. On the outside, the Intense looks like a regular plum tomato, but on the inside, it is fairly different, the Intense has more chambers than the regular tomato. On the inside, the chambers are more or less comparable to the Coeur de Boeuf tomato.

Because of these exceeding characteristics, we have developed a complete new packaging for the Intense. The black packaging gives the Chef’s tomato the luxury feel it deserves, because the Intense is no regular plum tomato. In addition, the new packaging also clearly depicts for which purposes the Intense is suitable and how the consumer can best use these.

The cardboard tray is also less damaging for the environment, because we have reduced the amount of plastic that is used for this packaging. The only plastic that is used is the flowpack that is wrapped around the tray to make sure the tomatoes stay inside