Helping the food bank

At one of our sistercompanies at the ABC tradepark, a new assembly point for the Dutch Food Bank has opened. Together with the other companies of the Best Fresh Group we collect fruit and vegetables for people in the Netherlands who cannot (fully) afford their own food. With a group of volunteers the fruit and vegetables are sorted out and packed in boxes together with other food related products.

Especially vegetables that cannot be sold to the traders, are being used for the food bank. Those vegetables are fine, but often deformed. Normally, Valstar would sell these kind of products for a small price. But instead of doing that, we now have the opportunity to do something good and give it to the food bank.

In the first week more than 15.000 kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables have been processed at the assembly point. Earlier, local banks had to reject this project, because they did not have the manpower or space to do this. With this new assembly point this is no longer a problem. Big volumes can be processed here full of fresh, but a little misshaped, products.