Last Tuesday the national ‘Zero waste’ week started in the Netherlands! From 1 to 7 September everybody in the Netherlands is asked to help to reduce food waste. As a stakeholder of the Foundation ‘United against food waste’ (Stichting Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling) we are, of course, eager to help this initiative!

What to do with food waste?

Since last year we are focussing more and more on reducing our food waste within Valstar. Where is it coming from? But also: where is it going to? We feel the responsibility to avoid food waste as much as possible. Since it is a shame that we waste our products, but at the same time we are also wasting the inputs whilst growing and transporting the products. That is why we purchase our products in the most effective way, so (almost) nothing is wasted in our warehouse at the end of the day. However, some waste is unavoidable. The question is: How can we make the best use of this?

We have a great collaboration with the Vegetable and Food Brigade for Foodbanks, which supplies our products to the Foodbanks in the Netherlands to provide their clients healthy fruits and veggies!

New for us is that we are entering a partnership to make a delicious and healthy soup of our leftover veggies! A beautiful initiative to make the most out of our food waste. 

What are we already doing?

This year we started to analyse our food waste data. What are the biggest resources and how can we reduce them? By doing this, we reduced our food waste this year with …% compared to 2019! A major step forward, if we may say so!

We have the ambition to halve our food waste by 2030. We know this is an ambitious target, but we are working hard to achieve this!