Heat wave

Just like last year, we had a heat wave last week. With temperatures above 30 degrees some harvests can be less successful or even fail. That's why we want to tell you a bit more about it.

For the greenhouses this weather results in less pollination, because it is too hot for the bees. Besides, the fruits of the plant will grow faster, which means an overproduction on the short-term. This also means that there might be a shortage in a while.

Every product has a different reaction to warm temperatures. For tomatoes on the vine applies that the colouring of the fruits go faster. The grower has to harvest the products earlier, so when the fruit is greener. That is the way to make sure there are not too many tomatoes at one time.

Bell peppers also colour faster. When the temperatures are very high, bell peppers can get sunburnt. Due to sunburn the skin of bell peppers will get wrinkly. Sunburn doesn’t only affect the fruits of the peppers, but also the leaves and stems. 

For cucumbers the hot weather causes not any harm. Cucumbers adapt easily to the temperature, the only thing is that the cucumbers grow faster. So that means there is a possibility that there will be a surplus of cucumbers.

If the weather gets cooler, some plants will go into a restoration mode. This means the plants are solely focused on restoring and don’t focus on producing fruits.