Heat wave

In the Netherlands a heat wave is going on. With temperatures above 30 degrees some harvests will be less successful or even fail. That is why this weather is also called “technical weather” by horticulturalists.

For the greenhouses this weather results in less pollination, because it is too hot for the bees. Besides, the fruits of the plant will grow faster, what means an overproduction on the short-term. This also means that there might be a shortage in a while.

Because the temperature is high and the air humidity low, the pollen can burn. If that happens the trusses of tomatoes are irregular, with a result that especially cherries on the vine are not so pretty. Also, the firmness of the tomatoes will decrease.

Bell peppers can get sunburnt. Due to sunburn the skin of bell peppers will get wrinkly. Sunburn doesn’t only affect the fruits of the peppers, but also the leaves and stems. Very ripe peppers are most sensitive for sunburn.

For cucumbers the hot weather causes not as many problems, because cucumbers grow faster. This is why the fruits can easily adapt to the temperature.

If the weather will get cooler, some plants will get into a restoration mode. This means the plants are solely focused on restoring and don’t focus on producing fruits.

For the plants grown outdoors, the night temperature doesn’t get beneath 20 degrees and therefore the plants get into a surviving mode. Cauliflower doesn’t produce new cabbages and the harvest will get into a dip in a few weeks.