Dutch cucumbers are available again!

Sustainable cucumbers

Last week we visited our grower Voorhof, who started from this week on with harvesting his cucumbers. Voorhof is located in IJsselmuiden, a village in the Dutch province Overijssel. 

We all know cucumbers are green, but these are extra green. You want to know why? Because Voorhof grows them very sustainable. The cultivation takes place in a 4.1 hectare greenhouse that uses geothermal heat and where electricity is generated from solar panels. The sustainable energy sources make the natural gas consumption drop by about 80%! Which from 2012-2019 comes down to saving 18,766,457 kg CO2! Moreover, next to the current greenhouse a new one is being built. In this greenhouse geothermal heat and solar energy will also be used. Plus the glass will be made of multiwall polycarbonate. Because this sheeting has better thermal efficiency, growing seasons can be extended much longer which can result in saving 40% of the heat.

On the way to PlanetProof
Because of all these sustainable investments, Voorhof is certified for “On the way to PlanetProof”. This proves that the grower is producing a product that is more sustainable and therefore better for nature, environment, climate and animals. On the Way to Planetproof growers, farmers and breeders strive to grow that is in balance with the capacity of the earth. 

Almost half of all our products that we have purchased this year is certified with the newly introduced independent quality mark “On the way to PlanetProof”. We believe this quality mark is a real good initative and we strive to buy mainly from growers that are certified "On the way to Planetproof".