However, the corona crisis also brings kind of positive changes for restaurants. Restaurants are renovating their interior, building a new business plan (take-away) and are changing their menu now that they have the time. Some restaurants are even changing their name!

Changing your menu to more plant-based meals now is a good idea! The world’s vegan market is expected to grow to $24 billion in 2025, posting an average growth rate of 9.6 percent annually, according to Grand View Research. Some restaurants that only focused on meat dishes before the corona crisis, have changed completely. Restaurants are going over on a more plant based menu or are serving more sustainable meat or fish. Even fast food companies, like Domino’s and McDonalds are offering more plant-based meals during the ‘lockdown’ menu. In addition, people want to eat more healthier to give their immune system a boost. So veggies cannot miss on your menu.

Limit the number of dishes

Less is more. A limited offer on the menu provides more overview in the orders. This makes it easier to monitor the stock and prepare the dishes. However, it still is important that your offer has to respond to your guests wishes and needs!

Products of the season

To guarantee the best quality and availability for your guests, you can choose for seasonal products. Moreover, you choose for sustainability and the best taste as well! Products that are fully available because of the season, usually also have a good taste. So choose for tomatoes, capsicum and all kind of coals now!