Our Brand: Easyto

Take it easy.

Easyto products make it super quick to create the most wonderful dishes, sides, snacks and beverages! Fast, easy and deliciously fresh. The EasytoGrill packages make barbecuing with vegetables even easier, and the EasytoCook packages let you get a great dish or dip ready in no time. You can make the most summery cocktails with an EasytoShake product and serve them with a healthy snack from the Snack line! The packages contain almost all the ingredients to prepare the provided recipe. It’s Easyto!

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Packaging possibilities:

EasytoGrill: Veggie skewers, stuffed mediterranean peppers, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled cherrytomatoes, grilled padron peppers and grilled sweet pointed peppers in an aluminium tray with herbs and oils.

EasytoSnack: Cherrytomatoes, mini cucumbers and sweet bites (9x250G)

EasytoCook: Guacamole